Author Topic: Relative date only works when post is less than 24hrs  (Read 8033 times)

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I have installed the plugin at and it appears to work perfectly but only if the post is less than 24hrs otherwise it just displays a normal date without any relative details.

For example, "April 28, 2008 (4 hours ago)" appears as "April 28, 2008" after a day has elapsed.

I am using Wordpress 2.5.1 and plugin 1.2 beta.  Please check for live demonstration.

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Re: Relative date only works when post is less than 24hrs
« Reply #1 on: 29 April 2008, 11:22 »
yes it is meant to be like that, read the readme.html under Usage Tab for more information. I think you mean 1.30 beta and not 1.20 as 1.20 is the current stable version.

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